Fresh Cut Artichoke Crowns and Specialty Cuts

Artichokes are packed in a specialty pouch and vacuum sealed to assure freshness. Prior to packing and sealing the Artichokes are dipped in a natural preservative to maintain their color. 

Artichokes are exceptionally sensitive to light, heat, and contamination. Artichoke flesh discolors after exposure to air. To prevent discoloration after opening, immediately put artichoke crowns in cold water with lemon juice added. Use stainless steel or other non-reactive knives and cooking utensils to cut, prepare and cook the artichokes; cast-iron or aluminum will turn the artichokes black. Cook in slow boiling water until desired tenderness is achieved. 


Refrigerate product 34-36 degrees F immediately upon receiving and plan to use them within three or four days of purchase.

Self Life: 10 to 12 days upon receiving product as long as cold chain is not broken and product is handled properly.

Product temperature must be kept refrigerated at 34-36 degrees F at all times to maintain product freshness.

Security and Refrigeration is key to a food safe product and without proper handling a number of serious issues arise that must be dealt with promptly. 

If the box, tape, ice packs or the food package inside is damaged in any way or the food pouch is swelled or broken, please notify Epicure Farms immediately for instructions. 

Please Do Not reuse the cold packs contained in the box. If they are punctured, they may be hazardous to your health.

Failure to adhere to these precautions is the responsibility of the end user.